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Recently I spent some time seeking pre-publication reviews for Breakaway: 1977. During this slow process I penned a few satiric reviews of my own work. Who better to write a review of your book than yourself? ;)

Some of the reviews below are “in jokes” you will likely not get unless you read the book, but all are whimsical.


FAKE Reviews of Breakaway: 1977


I give it four stars. OK, I work for the company, but still there is some quality there. It helps if you know a bit about SF and rock music from the 1970s. The story is about that uncomfortable point in teenage life but it also says a lot about popular culture and fandom. Ultimately, it is almost speculative fiction, with a late zigzag into murder mystery.

RATING: ****

Mick Mayos, Associate Editor, Fresh Blue Ink


Cool book. I think he didn’t do it. No way. Now I understand the cover. Thx!

RATING: ****

Paige Turner


Epistles, epiphanies, episodes, exclusions, exclamatives, exams, exculpations, emergents, and endings. School boy finds SF TV show, school boy loses SF TV show, school boy ignores besotted girl, people die and sh*t happens.

RATING: ***1/2

Samantha Renfield, M. Sc.


They made me read it and now I’m being judged on my grammar and consumer poise. Society sucks!!


Layton S. Delaney

Grade 9, El Banjo Institute

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